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  • Traction
  • Acceleration
  • Handling
  • Braking
  • Drift
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Launch
  • Rarity
  • Style

R33 Platform Soft Drop #01 NFT

Slide Tier 4.9 out of 5

Introducing the R33 Initial Drop NFT #01 - a one-of-a-kind racing machine with unbeatable stats! This NFT is not just a digital collectible, it's also a ticket to glory. With its unique combination of speed, power, and handling, this car is guaranteed to dominate any track it's put on.

But that's not all - this NFT comes tied with a custom in-game character, with advanced driving skills that make them a pro-level driver. The character has an extensive battle history, making them a force to be reckoned with in any race, and the perfect pairing to reign supreme on any track, course, or street.

The R33 Initial Drop NFT #01 also comes with a battle history of its own, and will further track every future race, and be able to call upon experiences of past races it's been in, building its value as a legendary car that cannot be beat! It has exceptional stats across the board, with a near-perfect Slider Score including: Line, Braking, Acceleration, and Style scores that are off the charts.

And then yet still this NFT also comes with exclusive merchandise, ( www.stayslideways.com ) including a custom real-world t-shirt, hoodie, hat/beanie, duffle bag, sweats, and windbreaker!

We also include a 3D video of the car in action, showcasing its incredible speed and handling and a animated view of our upcoming replay viewer which you can use to watch all the races your car has been a part of.

And of course, you'll also receive the NFT itself, with all its impressive stats and battle history that can be loaded into the ecosystem. The NFT updates on the blockchain and includes all of the car's stats and race history, making it a valuable addition to any collector's portfolio.

Lastly the buyer also receives a 3D OBJ model of the car that they can use in their projects and load on all platforms that they choose with the custom Slideways Livery Included across platforms!

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